It's Thursday already! Yesterday was the midweek hump and I was grouchy but today is so much better.

Actually I think the fact that they are self entertaining helps so much. Plus no "are we going to Auntie E's house yet?" In repeat mode.

Play dates are great but I think I must schedule them earlier in the day or not let them know till we're going out of the house ha.

Every time we drive back from church, we pass the Keppel area and see lots of containers with the word "Hanjin" on them. It's scary how the company can go bankrupt and the sailors are forced to stay onboard since the port refuses to let them in.

And I found out about it cos people on the. Taobao fb group were complaining that their sea shipments were delayed. Another news report mentioned that Christmas might be affected too cos cargo is stuck. Everything is so interconnected nowadays.

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