Reality. Freehand calligraphy is very difficult! I guess it's cos I'm using kid markers and not the correct calligraphy kind. But I can't justify the costs when my handwriting looks so amateurish ha

Getting better… I think I'm an imitator and not a creator…

School holiday day 1 – off to the national gallery.

Didi was left behind cos he's very squirmy and gets bored easily…

Having tea at the enchanted forest. It's so much easier bringing verbal and toilet trained kids outside!

So pleased with their tower.

The girls really enjoyed Who's In the Woods. Digital natives.

Lots of photo ops! Pretending to be part of the painting.

No2's turn.

Even the admission stickers look like art.

Argh! My highlight of the trip "Salted Fish" is blur!!

Nevermind they have a blown up version.

School holidays must do more outdoor activity. The Husband finally fixed up their bicycles which we bought in France.

Since its 1 year later, the bikes are now too small for them. But they insist it's fine and wanted to go ride. Ok I'm game.

So small….

Anyway I got really grumpy cos the mosquitoes kept feeding on me. Kept telling them to go home but they ignored me grr.

Later I kena zika see what kind of sept hols u kids will have.

Saw this on my fb feed and am quite tempted, but which period is good?


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