The Husband took leave on Friday and we went for a day trip in Malaysia. My kids are city kids (like aircon, restaurants and anything otherwise is "rocky sandy soil") so I'm determined to expose them to more nature.

Anyway, we buy Zenxin's veg sometimes from Giant so it's nice to see where our food comes from!

So happy posing as a carrot, dragon fruit and veg haha!

The farm is 100 acres which sounds big. We didn't manage to go for the veggie tour because it started at 930 and we only arrived at 10. It was jammed at the Singapore customs and we were stuck for about 30-40 minutes. After we cleared the customs we realized it was because there were a lot of vehicles coming in so they sacrificed one lane for them…

The farm is about 1.5 hours drive away from Tuas checkpoint.

The visit costs 15rm for adults and 12rm for kids. You get a welcome drink (mulberry tea…very woody tasting) and there's a tour guide who takes you around. We went for the fruit and herb garden tour.

So anyway, Zenxin used to produce fertilizer, and then they started farming and finally they started this farm for people to visit.

DRAGONFRUIT!! Related to the cactus family.

I thought this was some watering wheel at first, but it's a support for the dragonfruit plant.

Dragonfruit flower. It blooms once and only at night.

Interesting facts about dragonfruit – the plant can live up to 75 years, but once it starts fruiting it can only live up to 35 years.

I turned around immediately and told the Husband that it reminds me of women and childbirth hahahaha. Saps so much of our vitality and strength. But ok lah, at least we live longer than 35 years!

Next we went to see the Mulberry tree. Everyone got to pluck ONE mulberry to try. The dark purple ones are supposed to be sweet but they were still quite sour.

There was a box of plucked mulberries and some of the tour members were touching them and wondering if they could eat them. My oldest immediately went, "Cannot eat!!!"

She definitely has potential to be prefect….

Spot the bananas!

We also ate a fresh lady's finger and it was SO crunchy and sweet! Organic 就是不一样。

Anyway the whole farm only has about 40 plus people working for them. They only need about 3 workers for each part (if I understood correctly). I guess all the auto water sprinklers and other advancements really help save labour costs.

But still farming in SEA countries is so hot and humid.

While walking past this beautiful rain tree the guide mentioned there was a dragonfruit plant growing on the branches. The seeds were probably brought up by birds and it started growing there.

At least it's not too hard if it drops on your head it'll just be red and squishy!

When we went into the herb garden j was expecting Basil, Rosemary and Mint sorta plants but it's more Asian stuff!

They have really interesting names don't you think? Actually we have such cool remedies in our area it's such a pity they're not more wide spread. (Or maybe I'm just suaku).

This plant was so interesting!! When you rub your fingers on the leaves there's a fishy smell!

We had to rub our fingers on Borage? to neutralize the smell.

It was really hot so I took out my umbrella. It promptly became the girls' prop.

Didi was sweating away but still happy. There's shelter at some parts but plants need sunlight to grow so…

They have a farm animals area with geese and ducks and rabbits! Basically it was the children's favorite area.

I wonder if the 北京鸭 can communicate with our local ducks hahaha.

Fascinated by the animals. We couldn't go in to visit the ducks though so he was content to stand outside and watch them.

We could feed the rabbits though!!

The Queen didn't want to come in at first but she saw all of us having fun so she hid behind her daddy and watched warily.

The rabbit girl carrying a rabbit. She couldn't stand the claws though! Good thing she didn't drop it.

They had lots of baby rabbits in a separate hutch. One of the aunties in our group asked if they sold the rabbits. The tour guide said yes and then the auntie asked if they were sold for medicinal purposes. When the tour guide gave her a puzzled look, she explained that she used to raise rabbits with her mother in a farm and apparently they sold the rabbits to old people who believe that rabbit meat is very nutritious.

Eee!!! But also explains why it's so popular in France ha.

After the tour, we went to the kid's section and tried fishing and planting a seedling (Part of the children's ticket.) The fishes were so fast only the eldest caught some. No 2 got a little whiny so I tried to help but they were too quick for me too 😳

Planting a seedling was soso but it's Cai Xin so maybe we'll have organic veg in 30 days…

This was knock knock. Each cloth is 8rm and basically you put flower petals and leaves and smash them. Good fun!

By the time we finished it was about 1plus and the Husband was hot and hungry so I only had a little at the shop. Wanted to buy this but he said to go and compare prices so I took a picture.

Their dragonfruit was 12/kg and their veg was so much cheaper than in Sg. Maybe if I was a regular JB visitor I would go and patronize them more often.

All in all quite educational and fun (the kids might not agree but who cares.) Bring repellent and hats!

After our farm trip we drove into Kluang for lunch. We're easily influenced people; Kluang was actually featured in the Sunday Times last week so the Husband started sending me links about the place which is why we ended up going to Zenxin.

This restaurant was another ST recommendation I think.

So near to Sg that we can still watch c8 shows. Crimewatch was on and it was about underaged girls getting lured into sex trafficking. my daughters. Thankfully they didn't understand what was going on – I just told them this happened because they didn't tell their parents where they were going and talked to strangers online.

"Don't talk to strangers and obey your parents!" I emphasized with lots of gesturing. Please let it sink in…

We went to the Kluang mall cos it's a mall with Uniqlo and H&M, but it was quiet and didn't have Auntie Anne's.

I don't know why, but when we go inside Malaysia I always eat Auntie Anne's. But they're only found in Aeon malls and selected areas.

So we went to KSL and after eating AAs I went to Tesco and saw this selling for half price and decided to get this (easily influenced as usual…)

Basically Kluang is still a very sleepy laid back town. It's probably good for eating and chilling out. The Husband said we went there while dating to climb a mountain, but I only remember the mountain and nothing else.

The only bad thing about KSL is the lack of Bata. I still remember the "First to Bata then to school" ad haha.

Oh well good thing we bought their school shoes elsewhere!

By this time it was already 6ish and we were hungry so we tried out this place.

It's so homey and the soups were really good! So glad we stepped in the place was a little ulu so we weren't sure if it was good. The soup tasted like what his mom makes and the younger kids really liked the mee suah. Good for people with chinaman appetites!

Anyway I'm so free to dayre the whole trip cos didi is CONCUSSED. He fell asleep in the car after lunch and when we got home he was wide awake. Then while I napped he rolled about and went to disturb his sisters. After that the Husband brought them swimming and once again in the car he was falling asleep. Came up, watch a bit of tv and ate dinner and became wide awake. Saw the bicycles the dad fixed for his jiejies and became more alert.

They went for a short ride downstairs and once he came up, we watched Bible adventures together and he promptly knocked out.

I hope he sleeps through tonight he's been waking up once or twice at about 3 and 5 am and it's making me so sleepy. But can't be helped he has a slight cough and blocked nose so he wakes easily. (Excuses to make myself feel better.)

It's the school holiday week and I need all the energy and so it's night and off dayre till the next free pocket of time!

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