Saw this on @lynnnnn dayre a few days ago, today it appears in my qoo10 email. Are cookies really that powerful??

But seriously, it is quite scary. I clicked on Hokkaido milk on the honestbee website, and now the product keeps appearing in my Facebook and Instagram feeds. (Under honestbee advertising).

So they do keep track and TARGET you everywhere you go.

At the Keppel Centre for Art Education! I'm all for inclusive children education but when a group of kids are just screaming and running around, someone's gotta calm them down!

I'm so going to regret this when didi grows older and wilder…

Hahahaha so whimsical!

At the project gallery now. The noisy horde is so much calmer here so it does matter whether they are engaged or not.

Lots of coloring and craft!

Magnetic tiles! They're a lot harder to use then I expected cos of the opposing poles.

The noisy boys came in, built a big sculpture and then sent it crashing down. Gah. They scared their own sibs so kena scolded by their moms haha.

This girl really loves her craft work. She made a tent.

So funny Pokemon is everywhere! There were some really creative pieces like swings and clocks etc.

Roar! There are a lot of picture spots in the national gallery.

No subtlety is there.

After our museum visit we walked over to city hall Mrt. Joseph Schooling ('s picture) was there!!

I think he was actually inside raffles city because…

there was a huge crowd on the 3rd and 4th floors. I asked the Queen if she wanted to go see but she preferred to fill her tummy so we went in search of food.

It was nice seeing people walking around holding flags and the Sg scarf thingy. They were obviously there to support him. There was a festive and patriotic feel in the air.

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