Last evening, I brought the children down to scoot and burn off some energy. We did a mini obstacle course at the playground, scooted in circles and then went to the fitness corner downstairs.

This was at 7plus and the area was hopping! There was a couple doing circuit training, young men who walked by and did a couple of pull-ups and others who were just shooting the breeze. It felt nice to be downstairs instead of upstairs doing chores.

The children took turns to hang off the pull up bar and the eldest got upset because she couldn't hold on longer than her sister.

She kept saying, "I want to be first! I want to win!" And I had to sit her down and explain that her sister had better upper body strength and she should not compare. Then I told her if she wanted to compare she could measure herself against didi since he was obviously weaker than her…

That whizzed past her and she started tearing while insisting she had to be first cos she's the "first born".

So I went into "teacher mode" and start saying stuff like

1. The only person you compete against is yourself!

2.There will always be someone who can do something better than you. Just keep improving on your best.

3. You can do it! Don't just cry and whine, just keep trying!

It was tough man. I felt like just saying, "Let's go home NOW since you're not enjoying yourself."

Then I started thinking – IM JUST LIKE HER!!! (Or rather, she's just like me.)

I also like to compare my life to others
I also whine "why can't I do this or that".
I also feel grouchy when I'm not on top of things.

So I grit my teeth and told her we will keep trying. And she did manage to hang on the pull-up bar for the same time in the end. Hooray!

(But that's because I counted a tad faster 😉)

And after that, we came up and practiced the piano for awhile and she managed to hold her hand position properly!

So just keep swimming…

Mushroom soup in progress! This time I used
2 packets of button mushrooms
1 packet of portobello mushrooms (cos giant had a sale on them and not shiitake)
1 carton of chicken stock
1 onion

I can't find my bay leaf so I left that out. At the end I'll put some cream too but it all depends on how much soup is left.

Hope it won't be as thick as the previous batch!


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