Hopefully the last morning MRT ride ill have to take with them for a while…

These 2 girls are so into jackets. Go stay in cold climes please Sg is so totally not suitable for denim jackets. I had to deal with them wearing and shrugging them off multiple times.

The good thing about the Husband's delay is the fact that I can task him to buy random stuff.

Sadly there wasn't any more at target. Oh well back to the gooey mess bottle then.

The girls kept wanting to eat at a restaurant and I totally didn't want to spend time waiting and feeding them and then taking the bus home with everyone sleepy and unwilling to walk.

We compromised and ate at the food court. Finally tried Garçons but the duck confit was only soso. The skin was crispy but charred and the mushrooms were too salty. Potato mash was smooth. Too smooth and I wondered if it was instant.

Maybe I'll try the pork belly next time!

The girls had their usual pizza and steak. The pizza is thin crust and huge so quite value for money. Best part (for her) is that there aren't any greens on it haha.

The steak was a tad small but very tender. They liked the crisscut fries and we tabaoed the remainder home. I esp like how they handed out the takeaway boxes without too much fuss, and the steak stall was super helpful!

The guy saw me herding the 3 children, juggle 2 bags and the takeaway boxes and immediately gave me a carrier for the takeaway boxes.

Small acts of kindness make the day so much better.

Less than 15 hours before I'm no long the solo parent!! Yay!

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