Tanjong Pagar shopping exchange is the site of the salted egg yolk fish skin/ chips battle…

There's the golden duck

And they sell fish skin now too!

Irvin's! And they absorb GST here so it's still 15

And this other brand which isn't as fantastic.

Yay my taobao frames came!!!!

For some strange reason my shipment got split into 2 parcels. The clothes/phone case was 0.67kg, this was 4.26kg.

But whatever as long as it's here!!!!

I shall try using the forwarders next time. It seems quite easy, and the goods came quite quickly. China really is moving so fast.

So cool suddenly there's eng version on my taobao app!

Giving away my unused baby items is very therapeutic. Mittens and booties are so cute but very underutilized.

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