Spot the runaway boy

Lots of people at the playground yesterday!

The little boy wanted didi's ball so I had to keep an eye out to make sure he didn't run away haha.

Received my taobao loot but

1. I bought the wrong phone size cover! Argh I chose for iPhone 5 instead of 6s. It's really quite pretty though. Sigh lesson learnt look at the options carefully.

2. My photo frames didn't come in this shipment and I only have 1 shipment ref. I used taobao direct shipping. Anyone knows how to contact taobao? I looked through their page but there isn't much about direct shipping )):

#taobao help.

We had a play date at my friend's place! Stsrted out with batik painting then progressed to playdoh.

My creation! Very therapeutic rolling out the flag.

Playground time after. So exhausted I fell asleep at 945 and am now wide awake at 1am.

Thurs Morning and it's Dental checkup time. Thank God my mom came over so I could leave the youngest behind.


Like I called a few pediatric dental clinics and their consultation fees start from 90?

Plus the dentist was very gentle. And she actually told me the Princess' front tooth was dead and the nerve might get infected but we opted to leave it in cos it wasn't causing any pain.

So pleased with her clean teeth and free bubble gum toothpaste.

The dentist said that kid's toothpaste don't contain enough fluoride, so it's best to just use adult toothpaste. That's if they can spit instead of swallowing.

Honestbee where are you? 1pm has come and gone and you're still not here…

From above rubies Facebook. I must remember my children are looking at me all the time! 👀👀👀

No more tantruming and growling like a baby. Time to grow up mama.

Drippy nose is killing me…took some flu meds and going to knock out again.

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