Random Monday thoughts

1.When they're babies you're so excited about their tooth coming out. Now I'm equally exciting about dropping teeth for the 7 year old. So far 3 have come out and we've kept all of them…proud or siao parents?

2. The youngest woke up at 7 today with really stinky poop! Did he secretly sip the pool water yesterday?? I hope this makes him reconsider drinking the pool water…

3. He said random things like "my eyes are itchy!" And "too bright!" while washing his poop.

And his eyes were screwed shut while complaining. So cute!

3. Now he says, "I'm done (nursing) I want to eat something outside." His sentences are quite long. Why you don't know ABC though…

No2 is growing up and has a mind of her own. She's doesn't want to wear these anymore because they're too short/small or just not to her liking. Ah well at least I can still pass them on!

I love passing on and getting pre loved clothes for my kids. They're so comfy and they get different stuff without having to spend a bomb.

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