Day one without the Hubs

Actually it's still night like 1220am but must put it down so he'll feel all guilty when he reads this haha!

Don't worry we will survive ok J! 😘

Tomorrow is gonna be an exciting day we're going to visit their godma's fun fair! Dunno how the 3 kids will survive but there are hopefully lots students who will love watching my kids…

NYGH fun fair

On the mrt! So stressful but taxi very boh hua leh…it was pretty direct but I should have taken the bus from sixth avenue Mrt instead of walking. But good exercise!

So happy to reach and see godma! She was really busy so it was literally a hug and go.

The fun fair was really huge! There was a bouncy castle, a min Viking ship and mega slide. The children were so enchanted by everything. Here they are waiting at platform 9 3/4!

Not the hogswarts express but good enough for them! Look at their beaming faces!

Didi was sooooo happy. We sat in front and basically the train went in a loop around the basketball courts.

The driver had to ring a bell to ask people to move out of the way and the kids asked why the train wasn't going choo choo but ding ding instead…

After the train ride we went indoors and I made them pose on the 凳子. Godma's chairs were out of bounds but this normal one could be sat on (I hope.)

If not, you guys didn't see anything…

The PSG was having a rock painting activity. There were many lovely samples on display and so the kids wanted to try it out too.

Basically you pay $5 for a small pebble and then choose a design and paint it.

They had different patterns for you to select so no2 did a tree.

This guy wanted to join in the fun…sigh for charity just let him do it. The picture in front of him is for show only…

The finished products.

After the arts and crafts session, we went to the auditorium to catch the last performance of the day.

Gymnastics was really cool! I just like rhythmic exercises. And they could do hand stands and cart wheels without hands. So strong I want to send my children to gym now!!

This was some emo modern performance about sorrow. Choreographed by an old girl? It had the holding hands bit, dancers getting pulled back into the fold, the waves motion and lots of jiggling and shaking to represent people suffering.

Good stuff.

Met my ex NIE classmate who was charmed by didi cos he was messy and animal like hahaha. She's quite happy there and it does make me miss teaching…

Single sex school environment

I was from a mixed primary school then went to an all girl's secondary school. Today while walking around the fun fair it really struck me how much "Free-er" (and noisier) the environment felt. Like when some NY song played the girls would spontaneously start dancing. And during the performance, there was cheering and encouragement for the performers.

It reminded me of how fun my Sec school days were, without the pressures of dealing with the opposite sex.

Like how we could change in class (mastering the art of wearing our PE attire underneath the pinafore, cheering in low voices, and being rambunctious whenever we felt like it.

Teaching at my first school was also like that but in a bad way, cos the boys were smelly haha! But they also had the freedom to be boys, and taupok each other and have a chance to grow up.

In my 2nd teaching school, the girls were generally more subdued. And it was the boys who were more vocal?

So I do think I would like my kids to go to a single sex secondary school when they reach their teenage years. And the fact that they've got better results doesn't hurt. (:

I'm not saying it's perfect, but to me the advantages seem outweigh the disadvantages. Hopefully the Queen will get into my alma mater (her wish, not mine!), or any other girls' school, as long as she emerges a happier, more confident daughter of a better age.

Wow the taobao direct shipping is quick! They've consolidated my buys and it's on its way to Singapore!!!

This feels a lot faster than 65daigou I remember having to wait like forever before my things were shipped. Maybe I bought stuff closer to the warehouse this time? Hmm not sure.

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