So happening I've been obsessively checking my taobao app to see where my goods are. This is so detailed! I guess you need it when China is nearly the size of a continent.

So tonight the Husband will fly off for his work trip, and it'll be me and the littles for a whole week.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), it's national day week so there isn't any school on tue and wed, and Mon is half day. So only early wakeups and chicken runs for mon, thur and fri.

Also his trip spans the weekend, so my MIL will be here from fri night to mon afternoon.

So technically, I will only be left ALONE mon afternoon to Friday evening. Not too bad right?

That means 3 dinners and 4 lunches to settle, 3-4 loads of laundry and 5 days of mopping.

I CAN DO THIS!!! (With lots of praying and gnashing of teeth in the bathroom.)

Meantime, they will have their usual activities, and hols means I can bring them out and tire them thoroughly. Today no2 and 3 slept till 9! Which means more time for me.

Must write down what I need to do…

Sat – ballet morning, afternoon library?
Sun – church and swimming (if it doesn't rain; we've had to cancel the class for the past 2 weeks!!)
Mon – school, evening church anni
Tue – national day, go upstairs and see if we can catch fireworks?
Wed – play date! Do homework and revise chinese
Thur – school, piano class afternoon
Fri – school, go over to grandma's house for dinner.
Sat – ballet, nua at home.
Sun – DDAY the Husband comes back!!!

Menu options (so I don't get blur)

Sat-Mon – grandma's specials
Tue – porridge/ 1 pot meal?
Wed – eat out/ stewed pork +soup
Thur – pizza/ soup + chicken
Fri – macaroni/ grandma's special.
Sat- Sun grandma's specials

Hmm looking at this i actually don't cook that much. How come it takes up so much time everyday?? If I do meal planning I can def be more efficient.

Library books were too heavy and the straps snapped. Hopefully this will hold till I reach the library I didn't bring any carrier for didi and if he wants to to carry I'll be doomed.

Phoon Huat is having 15% store wide sale so must stock up on baking essentials.

This boy is happy to walk when he can carry stuff. So the trick is to buy him something every time then I don't have to carry.

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