Today I woke up early! Shall record my #DIAL for posterity

6am couldn't sleep anymore for some reason. Woke up and helped the Husband hang the laundry. ( he usually does it cos I wake up too late oops.)

Ate my breakfast, chatted with the eldest (ok more like hurry up! Eat your bread! Have a nice day!) and then spent the rest of the time trying to look for A3 photo frames.

812am no2 and no3 wake up! Since it's rainy they want to cuddle some more. Good for me!

842am did a simple bible devotion with them using the Bible app. They're more into the screen time then the actual story, but it's a good reinforcement of when do we pray.

Time passes so slowly when the kids are awake

9am chopped my garlic and onions, refereed 1 fight between no2 and 3, read Marvin wanted more twice, some magic school bus book half way.

And it's only 916.

940 spent a good 10 minutes searching for envelopes – finally decided to just use wrapping paper instead.


1007 cooking bolognese sauce

1035 done! Probably must boil again before lunch but I need to get no2 ready for school.

They've been such angels playing together!

Heart melt.

1105 waiting for the school bus. After this its playground time, grocery run and other errands

1205 back from NTUC! Cooking the pasta now for our lunch so hungry…

1230 lunch is served. I find that I always have to cook the pasta a lot longer than the recommended time. Is it because I don't like it al dente? As long as my child eats.

104pm 1 scoop left. Am I expecting too much if I wanted him to be done in 20 minutes? But he ate 2/3s, got bored and wandered off and I've been feeding him the rest.

That's why the plate's so clean it's all mama's work…

151pm picked up no1 from school. She said the pasta looks "delicious!" And she said, "Thank you for cooking delicious food."

Sobz 辛苦是值得的!

155pm putting didi to bed now. He usually naps at 12 but today he was super energetic. I suspect it's because we didn't have playground time so he had the energy to keep on going.

I want to sleep too….but have to keep the oldest company.

210pm I come out of the room and see the oldest sitting in the car instead of eating.

So much for delicious food…

250pm Doing maths.
They're doing multiplication now ah quite stressful! We really need to teach them cos the teacher can't make sure they know everything

313pm no3 woke up. So fast not even 1 1/2 hours. Brought him back to nurse see if he can sleep longer.

No1 must be happy no more mummy making her do maths.

355pm picking up no2.

This boy won't starve…always taking food from other people.

430pm no2 starting on her abacus. Doing 1 row (15qns) a day. Actually I want her to do 2 rows but she's a master negotiator.

Meantime no1 and no3 are fighting over a tent. Argh


Actually I only let them watch TV cos I have to cook; otherwise we stare at each other and I entertain them/ read/ go downstairs and play.

Confession – today is leftovers day so I don't really have to cook. But 5 o'clock tv time is an institution at our house and my time for peace. So just keep it for sake of my sanity.

Confession 2 – they sometimes watch till 7 plus. On bad bad days.

Now I will research on the best way to buy A3 photo frames from taobao. Ezbuy? Prouter? Or taobao direct? Each frame is about 0.6kg and I want 6…

655pm I made my maiden direct taobao purchase!!! Bought the frames plus a hand phone cover and some dresses.
Sorry didi boy's clothing just isn't so interesting. Plus your cousin has so many clothes no point spending money on you.

730 late late dinner.

906pm dinner over, dishes done and children all bathed. Now my turn!

945pm 睡觉了!goodnight world.

Let's hope everyone can sleep tonight and there aren't any nightmares.


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