My lemon grass is growing!

Along with some weeds

The chili plant is also finally flowering!

The Second daughter wanted her money plant to be part of my entry today.

This little girl was very possessive of the merry go round. Or rather, Didi shouted "Merrygoround!" and she immediately sped towards it and started spinning around without stopping.

Actually this is not the first time it happened. We came down earlier and she was here playing with the swing and immediately ran towards the Merrygoround so didi was crying like mad. Ah well kids are like this.

Should parents intervene though? Not me but like her mum?

For me, if my kids are hogging the slides or other equipment, I will make them share. Of course they can get a turn, but if they insist on sitting too long they have to get up.

However, if other kids are hogging, they have to wait. And if they throw temper tantrum they have to leave the playground, because it's not fair for other children who are having fun.

At home if didi keeps insisting on taking jiejie's toys he also will be punished. Actually jiejie too, for not caring for her brother.

I guess I was a little miffed because her mom was far away and just playing with her phone. Plus this girl obviously didn't want didi to play even though she had no interest in the Merrygoround when the playground was all hers alone.

Good thing she was v cute though. Big eyes and nicely plaited pigtails. If she was a boy I think I would have been more direct and ask her not to bully my son…

I admit, I'm a helicopter parent…

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