Looking at posts about soup and now I'm inspired to make my own mushroom soup. Also cos NTUC was having some promotion on their mushrooms.

So many recipes to choose from but basically it's sautéed onions and mushrooms and whatever veggie, pour in cream and chicken stock and add salt and pepper to taste. Oh and herbs too (will use my dried parsley it's gathering dust in the fridge…)

So it's the Husband's birthday and I wanted to make him a card with the children's Input.

Trusty Google came to the rescue and this looked pretty and doable.


I bought the ink pad from daiso and the colors looked quite nice. The kids each chose their favorite color and we started stamping.

This is Reality. It's ok but I think I should have made them stamp in a pattern or something.

All the same the Husband was very
Touched and he brought the card to his office haha!

*note to self: don't use soy oil for muffins. My chocolate chip muffins have this strange soya after taste…

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