It's so scorching nowadays I just want to pull all the curtains and blast the aircon!

But it's great for laundry and the plants so I shan't complain.

Speaking of plants my basil is barely hanging on. Think when it finally gives up I shall get another pot and leave it indoors…

The sad state of my basil…

Didi had a playground companion today! The other boy is 2 months younger and filled with energy I felt tired watching him run…

Am reading "Go Set a Watchman" and it's painful!! Both because the characters are so different and because it doesn't work very well as a story. It's all fits and starts and no one thing happening.

I googled and the ending is going to be seriously depressing. It's out of respect to TKAM that I'm just gritting my teeth and finishing it. Am I old, or is the book really not that great?


Ok I finished it. Whew! The end is slightly better than expected but still poor Atticus. So torn down, so…Human.

And Scout?!? Why so emo at 26?? But seriously parents either bring out the best or worst in us. We're always their children and when we're with them it's always the same "comfortable" pattern. I can't live without them and I can't live with them haha.

I wonder if Obama read it and how he felt.

Back to mom duties again.

Haha here's my answer! It must be such a slap to his face as the first black president of the United States.

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