My view now – wanted to exercise at the fitness corner while didi played.

Plans got dashed when he jumped, fell and knocked his head against the step up block! There's a mini baluku and no blood, but he's super clingy and so I'm just nuaing and swinging on the swing!

It's nice to be back to 1 child for a few hours! No need to have eyes at the back of my head yay!

Was reading the free mypaper and this quote caught my attention!

Even though I'm not working, the Husband is…I like to think myself as his career consultant hahaha

Well basically it tells you to work strategically and add value to your company, rather than agree to do everything your boss wants you to do!

You'll end up alienating your colleagues and becoming too indispensable and not able to move.

I don't think it's that applicable to teaching? After all we have our core work of classroom teaching. But there are some teachers who like to do the more showy stuff cos got more stuff to write Mah.

We bought a Leda system hiddenbed a long time ago when we first moved in our current home. You know, new Hdb flats have very small rooms and this bed/study table seemed like a good investment!

Ok the reason I was so enamored with the system bed was because of this cartoon I watched as a kid. Multi purpose/ function furniture!?! Who wouldn't like that?

This is called Mickey Mouse caravan I think.

But because we had to move to France and rent the house out, I had to move the storage bed to my mom' place for safekeeping. (The tenant was Ang moh and wanted to sleep on a queen sized bed).

Now that I want to move it back, the guy is charging me an arm and a leg to disassemble, move and reassemble it.

All because of their levers and what not. ARGH!!!

Hiddenbed™ is a revolutionary system that integrates a bed, study desk, computer table and even shelving in one compact form. Your living space is practically doubled with Hiddenbed’s 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 systems. Unlike a wall bed, you do not have to remove objects from the Hiddenbed table when storing the bed! Objects up to 40cm high (e.g. computer system unit, lamp, hi-fi devices) can remain on the table top when the bed is used. The hidden bed is basically a desk by day and a bed by night.

Next time when I see the words "revolutionary" and "innovative" (later paragraphs) I shall run as far away as possible. Some more got trademark. Grrr

%#*@?! Add a "sunflower" word suddenly the bed and moving costs double…

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