Master procrastinator. Have you ever had to do something and you did everything else EXCEPT what you're supposed to do?

That's me right now…

1st day back at school. Lots of adjusting to do: nap times, meal times, homework times and tv times.

So thankful that my MIL cooked dinner before leaving! All I need to do is prepare rice. Some more she cleans up the kitchen and everything is neater than before.

Looking through all the notices and the second half of the year has so many holidays! Like next week there are 2 breaks – youth day and hari raya!

Jul – youth day + hari raya
Aug – national day (2 days!)
Sept – teachers day + sch break + hari raya haji
Oct – children's day + deepavali
Nov – end of school

I would be super happy circling everything in Bright red if I were still teaching ha!

Never mind shall plan some activities for these days so that we can do stuff together as a family! Better make sure the Husband takes leave then…

Just dug out some old baby girl clothes…oops I really didn't pass everything to my nieces! Feel so bad because they're quite nice and comfy.

Never mind they will find a new home with my friend!

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