So exciting today, going to help out and explain Julius Caesar to some kids today and tomorrow.

The adrenaline rush of prepping and exciting kids very addictive leh. I can't do this for long term but once in a while I think something out of the routine is Good!

Crossing my fingers the kids won't sleep in class!!

Bringing the kids out today!

This year's Vacation Bible School theme!

The jumble sale this year. A lot of books contributed by yours truly haha! But the stuff look so much more appealing when there are price tags on it!

Dug out this skip hop bag for didi…

And the wing started peeling and leaving yucky black specks all over.

Moral of the story – don't hoard things…

The Princess was the best student for her class. Aww so totally awesome she was SO PROUD and beaming all the while.

Such a nice change from getting scolded by me all the time.

Her sister was a little disappointed about not getting any prizes but I'm proud of her; she handled herself very well and didn't complain or sulk! Baby steps!

Bought an xl pizza for the whole family cos I was too tired to cook. It's the size of a car tyre!

Not that great though I think the smaller size is crispier and has a higher ingredients to dough ratio.

This was at the carpark of our church. This cat was totally enjoying life I've never seen cats sleep like that before!


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