The ST article I was referring to! @delight @poppyforrest

After re reading it there doesn't seem to be any specific timelines or plans…I am now quite sad because it doesn't seem like it will be implemented any time soon.

And I wonder how "certified" they will be…is maid training done by the agency or the government?

Plus yesterday there were some follow up articles in the Sunday Times and it sounds like there isn't much support for the scheme. Blah.

Went to Flor Patisserie for tea with their godma. Let them choose the cakes and this is what they got.

Top left some earl grey choco
Top right cheese tart
Bottom left cacao royal
Bottom right blue donut

Review? I was hungry and they tasted ok only. Feels like the magic is gone. Or maybe cos I had to help them finish the cakes cos their eyes were bigger than their stomachs…

This was before they tried the cakes. The fruit was fresh and it was quite light tasting. Probably that's why they didn't like it.

My personal favorite was also the cheese tart, but the kids like it best so I only ate a small mouthful. The earl grey one was the more jelat with that mountain of cream.

This is the sort of cafe for hipsters to go; not noisy kids who keep talking at the top of their voices…

I think I prefer chef yamashita at Tanjong Pagar plaza. He used to be the pastry chef at Flor and then set up his own store.

He has more different types (there's this pancake thingy?) so more variety.

Stoning while waiting for daddy…

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