Arts and crafts involve a lot of stationery…

And negotiation and problem solving as to who's the true owner of color pencils. I really don't know how to teach them sharing.

Just eating the chocolate bits from the chocolate chip muffin.
It was a total FAIL yesterday

At the esplanade. I think it's quite cool that there are these pianos around but so far I've only heard noise from kids haha.

No cool street musicians wowing anyone…

Seriously coloring

Haha such a interesting place to "study"

Waiting at Pip's playbox while waiting for the laberint to start. This is such an interesting book!

Hope this will be fun later…

Errr it's not too big so we finished really quick….

The 2 lovely ladies who came with me. They must have felt so cheated!

We were so bored we went to walk along the jubilee bridge! Very windy and peaceful.

Merlion and baby

I take it back about no street musicians! This lady is really good!

Waiting for this act to begin! Got potential because we can write lines for them!

After walking at the maze, the jubilee bridge and around the Esplanade, we retreated back into the airconditioned area cos it was just too hot. There was a coloring section so I got no2 to finish her Pip puppet.

The older one did her own freestyle drawing while the youngest ran around barefoot. Thank God I had my mom and my brother's girlfriend if not I would have gone mad trying to entertain/ keep track of them.

We came at 430, went to the maze at 5, finished it at 510 (or earlier), wandered the outside maybe 20 mins and still had 1 hour plus to kill. My mom asked me if I wanted to go National Museum but it was closing at 7 and we weren't that near.

In the end we walked my brother's gf to citilink mall (she was going somewhere else) and ended up at sushi express. My first time there and it was quite affordable. Everything I had was v salty though.

Thankfully the performance was GREAT! The precious guys in orange weren't actually the main act; they were more of a warm up act to provide info.

We went to the outdoor theatre to catch the circus act next.

These guys were really funny and witty and great at improv! My kids enjoyed them and there was audience participation – the lines and scenarios we wrote plus actual people going up to act as props.

I would love to watch it again, although I will def not sit in front of the speakers again…

The final fire act

Juggling act. The boy has style I think he's quite young maybe teens?

What was playing outdoors – bornfire invictus.

There were a few chapters and the pace was a little draggy, but overall you can sense the performers' enthusiasm.

It was v NE feel though, with cheesy terms like "sometimes the weak are strong", "this ones for you" etc. And there were these 3 dancers who I felt didn't add much to the storyline. More of placeholders.

This was the chinese yoyo thingy. A blend of tradition and modernity. Very graceful.

This guy was v entertaining! He was kicking the football around and doing lots of stunts.

There was another act I wanted to catch called Big Dancers but they had technical problems and didn't perform. So disappointing!

Overall it was not bad; just don't go too early so the kids can last longer! I think 6ish is good enough to catch everything.

Oh but there are workshops tomorrow so probably might have to go earlier to get a slot!

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