Went to church and decided to eat lunch outside since we took the bus…

Actually it was because didi was sleeping and I thought I could eat in peace.

Sadly after this photo was taken he woke up from his micro nap.

We went to Capitol's Food Republic cos I wanted variety (it was the nearest food court) and the girls had duck rice from Ah Yat and I had rojak from the BBQ stall.

BAD CHOICE BAD CHOICE BAD CHOICE. Alarm bells should have sounded in my head when the lady asked me if I wanted mushroom or black pepper sauce with my duck rice. When it came it was nicely presented with a slice of egg and a side of cabbage, but the meat was DRY and Tough.

Also there was more bone than duck. No2 ate only 1/3 of it and left all the rice…

Moral of the story – don't ask them what they want to eat just choose what looks more decent.

The rojak was ok but it was a tad too salty. The hei ko tasted more like dark sauce and the you tian was lau hong.

I miss the clementi rojak. Can't remember the name but it's at the coffee shop with a long queue.

Should I just learn how to make it???

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