Got excited over this, then realized we won't be free on that day.

I haven't been inside the railway station since it closed down…

Trying my MIL's recipe for 卤肉. Hers is so much simpler- throw in dark sauce, light sauce, cinnamon stick, pepper, 5 spice power and oyster sauce, bring to boil then dump the meat in and simmer till done.

Only thing is she has no quantities for the marinade so it's agar-ation. All she said was to cover the bottom of the pan "this deep" (cue random finger gesture)

Cooking really must stand next to them and learn…

The cut of meat she uses is twee bah, but pork belly and shoulder butt is also fine.

Now to just stand and stare at my meat and turn it once in a while…


I'm sick of eating my own food.

Dinner is served! Boring broccoli as usual because watercress is not available.

Asked the NTUC staff when it would be back and she was super exasperated. Said lots of people have been asking her and told me to watch the news. Once the water shortage in Malaysia is over watercress would be back on the shelves.

Sigh sometimes people really make it hard to like them.

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