Over the weekend I collected the bio-home trial kit from @themerrymaker and used it for a few days.

My favorite of the lot is the floor cleaner!

Being a SAHM with no help, chores are my biggest trial. The only thing is to work more efficiently, so we use this 3M mop which saves us the hassle of vacuuming and sweeping. #auntytip You can use it dry or wet, but when it's wet it really picks up all the dirt from the floors.

Back to biohome….The floor cleaner had such a nice relaxing scent that it made the chore so much happier. I would mop, sniff and pretend I was at some atas resort chilling. And it's very effective I love it!

The floors were sparkling after that and there's the squeaky clean feeling which I like.

Also, there's no residue so the floors weren't slippery, which is VERY important when you have kids running around chasing each other. I have this super effective cleaner (it's called C&C) which also cleans well but it makes the floor slippery which led to a few accidents.

I also tried the laundry detergent. The smell is floral but not too overpowering, and I liked the fact it was suitable for indoor drying.

Didn't know how much to use so I poured half of the trial bottle in…which in hindsight might have been a bit too much oops!

After washing and hanging the clothes, I was standing in the kitchen doing my dinner prep and the hyacinth smell kept wafting in. A little weird with tomato and basil aroma but still bearable!

Lastly, I've been using the dish detergent for quite some time now. It's good, but for its price it's not as effective as the other similarly priced brands on the market. If you want really good detergent try Joy or Lemon Brite (Melaleuca).

The only saving grace is the fragrance. I really like lemongrass and I think it's nice to have an alternative to the usual lemon and green tea. Oh! And the bottle is great for recycling as a hand soap dispenser.

My biohome bottle reused as a handsoap dispenser! Using Dr Wood's Castile soap which cuts grease super well. Dr Bronner's is better but I herb doesn't carry it anymore.

Thanks for the trial kit, and also for the chance to win full sized products! I would really love to get my hands on the kitchen cleaner heheh

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