Cheese! I keep spamming didi's photos here because I deactivated Facebook ha.

Anyway the husband thinks this is a "naughty boy"'s hairstyle and I kinda agree… He seems so much more impish now!

But so easy to upkeep!

Really more impish, now when he's nursing he will squirm here and there. HELLO I AM NOT A PACIFIER OK.

If you bite us, will we not bleed?


Anyway I feel really free now without Facebook. Even though I didn't think I used it that much, it really did suck up a lot of my time. I would scroll through the group posts (cooking, taobao and pre loved baby stuff) and then suddenly realize it's time to cook/pick up children/do chores.

Maybe I should wean off Instagram too.

But that would mean my only inspiration would be dayre! Which has more stories but not so much cooking Inspiration.

But but I should stop looking and start DOING. Like today, I finally thawed my steak and cooked it in the happy call. No grill marks but it looks pretty tasty. And later I shall meal plan for the rest of the week so I don't get the urge to snack cos too hungry.

And finally, I have to EXERCISE. My body is so weak now just now when I tried to stretch I got a cramp.

From touching my toes.

That is the ultimate insult don't you think? I don't know why when I bend over too long my chest muscle will cramp. It's the diaphragm area I think. Maybe cos it's really underutilized? My core muscles are jelly.

I can only work at it. One sit-up at a time I guess.

First time I've seen veggie packed in ziplock bags…wonder how much of the costs is for the bag rather than the veg!

Meal plan

Lunch – pizza
Dinner – tau yau bah, cai xin

Lunch – tomato pasta w chicken breast and broccoli
Dinner – SALMON (jeng jeng jeng), watercress soup

Lunch – leftovers (if any) plus porridge

My project for tomorrow's dinner!!!

Slurp looks delicious! Most importantly, I have all the ingredients in my fridge. (Subbing twee bah for the pork belly)

Ok I shall be brave and try this for Thursday! From Jamie Oliver….

I have a love hate relationship with fish – I love to eat it but I hate cooking it. Reason being my MIL is the designated fish buyer of the family and she buys WHOLE FISH, head tails and everything in between. I love to eat it but my pan frying skills are minimal and the girls don't like steamed fish…

So this shall be my major major adventure this week….

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