Trying the teach my girl the proper way to curve the fingers and it's so hard!!!!!

Knowing how to play the piano does not equate to knowing how to teach someone.

@poppyforrest do you have any tips? My main problem is she's holding her wrist up too high so there's an arch there instead of it being level. But I think she's trying to compensate for the lack of strength in the fingers. Then she gets all sad puppy eyed when I correct her. Sigh.

Most 像样 pizza out of the 2. Without the base I cannot form a circle and my pizza dough keeps shrinking. Wish I could buy the readymade base and use but it's so ex in Sg

All puffed up.
I want to do thin crust pizza but the recipes I found online aren't v gd. Either that or I really suck at making dough…

Gonna try steaming chicken in the rice cooker today…

Inspired by this. Anything that helps me wash less and cook quickly is welcome.

Oh oh, my rice cooker is the 5 cup type and I can only put 1.5 bowls of water….sigh means I'll probably have to top up water half way or else my chicken will not be done?

How does this work anyway? Does the chicken become lighter as it gets cooked? But shouldn't the net weight be the same? Other than the fact the water evaporates.

Verdict – the chicken is not as tender as the boil and blanch method, but the rice is extra tasty because all the 鸡油 is inside.

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