Borrowed this book from the library for the girls' to practice drawing and I'm having more fun with it then them. I love being arty but I don't have any artistic talents, so copying is something I can do…

Said book. The Chinese section has lots more stuff because people prefer borrowing English books!

It's really nice to just sit and draw stuff with them that isn't just stick men.

I am very proud of the Princess today

We went down this morning to meet the school bus and she as usual went to say hi to the 3 year old girl (R)who takes the same bus as her. Usually her grandfather and maid bring her down, but today it was the grandma who tagged along.
When the grandma saw no2, she asked her name and said, "Oh you're the Princess! Thanks for taking care of my grand daughter!"

After the kids boarded the bus, the grandma told me how R was crying everyday at the beginning of term.

She said no2 was very kind to R and even took tissue to wipe her tears 😍😍 and because of No2, her granddaughter adjusted and looked forward to going to school!

So yes, I want to record this down because I don't give her enough credit. I admit I'm the type who remembers the bad more than the good. And sometimes these gentle reminders help me remember that there are more facets to my child waiting to be discovered, and always more good to be found.


Oh dear didi seems to be falling sick he's sleeping a lot today…

Fell asleep while nursing…so rare that he can sleep with all the lights on. Problem is he's not wearing a diaper cos of nappy rash so I can't put him down…

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