I think someone complained about parents picking up their children and blocking the roads, so the LTA official was stationed at the pick up point for 2 weeks. During that time the cars were all parked neatly at the car park and there weren't any cars here.

Today there was no LTA guy and the parents all played punk today. Sigh I foresee lots of jams this week again!

#honestbee aunty alert!

Anyway, honestbee is really quite useful, but you need to know some tips in order to maximize your chances of purchasing.

First off, just try to hit the required amount that gives you discounts. Like for this it's 100. If you buy wines or gourmet foods you can hit that easy peasy. It's a little harder for shopping at NTUC, but there are always baby diapers and milk to buy!

For me, I usually buy fresh milk and UHT milk and more of the non perishables. Fruits and veggie are ok, but to be honest I prefer to look and examine the fresh produce myself haha!

Oh, and another trick I learnt is if you buy fresh produce, use the "Call" option. This is cos the honestbee inventory is really quite crappy (like they only have 1 brand of grapes, and if the shopper can't find that brand they won't buy for you. This leads to a lot of angst (unless you're super anal)

So if you invoke the call option, you can just put in the notes "take any brand of grapes" and the system will allow the swap.

This is also useful if you order many items. Eg if you order like 4 packets of milk and there is only 3 left on the shelf, they system will allow for a replacement of 3. If you put DNC, it's either 4 or nothing.

Also, with the call option you can buy items that's not exactly on the website. Eg I wanted the farmhouse low fat UHT milk but the silly system only had the full cream option. So I clicked on the full cream option, put in the notes I wanted the low fat one and tadah, they bought that for me instead.

Of course you must choose similar items to replace lah; don't ask for milk when you select ice cream kinda thing.

And finally, timing.

Even though it's a website that shows everything you must understand that they are also limited by the actual physical NTUC store.

So if you die die want to buy some stuff I think 12-1 is actually the best delivery slot. Just enough time for the NTUC staff to stock up the shelves, and for the bee shoppers to grab them. When I click later ordering times usually the veg run out of stock…

I have yet to try redmart and other online grocers cos I feel I know NTUC pricing well and I like the familiarity.

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