Went to my parent's place and my mom dug out more of my old stuff…this is from secondary school days!
Has it come back in fashion yet? It was the in thing to wear this when I was in secondary school. The more daring ones wore it with just a sports bra; I didn't have the size for it so I just wore a plain white tshirt inside.

This was the era of sportsgirl…

Black trench coat from Uni days. Felt so hip and cool military style.


My muji pullovers! They kept me so warm and cozy.

Today, my fats do the same job hahaha.

She also unearthed my old school ties, my school jerseys and even my home ec apron. I think my house officially qualifies as a hoarder haven.

And I brought most of it back to my own home. Eeks better wear them once for memories sake and then throw them away. Or pass them on? They have my name on so its kinda weird to pass them on right?

My youngest with my youngest brother. In terms of personality they're quite alike; chatty, bubbly and happy. This bro of mine is also an auntie 杀手 – when he was giving tuition his tutees family would cook dinner for him. 😅😅😅

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