After sending no2 off, our usual routine is to wander about and visit the different playgrounds at our hood.

Today there were these 2 other toddlers and they could "play" together. It was more of just chasing the ball and then screaming "Mine! Mine!" for didi though…😓

Usually he's very sweet to other babies but I think the fact that one of them had designs on his scooter put him off hahaha.

After the boys left (and he won the tennis ball after all), I tried to get him to go too but he refused to leave.

And it was because of…

The Crazy angmoh at the back! This guy is seriously hardcore. He comes nearly every day at lunch time and will do a series of gymnastic moves, grunting and snorting all the time.

Didi kept saying "shame shame man" while staring at him hahahaha. Sorry can't help it, I have to say it in order to get him to wear clothes after his bath.

Best treat for a hot sunny day – Chinese pear! So juicy and sweet.

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