So its Friday, and we have survived the week! Only difference is tomorrow is a whole FREE Saturday, with no lessons or play dates, and the Husband is very happy.

I think life is Sg is very busy, because the pace of life here is frantic. You just feel like everybody is doing something important/vital/immediate, and the instinct is to jump right in and follow along.

Like Berries, ballet and piano lessons, everything is good, but is it necessary? Will my kids lose out without them?

I was searching for a piano teacher for the Queen because her current one (at the CC) can't conduct classes anymore, and then I asked myself if it's for her or for me.

She likes it, but she's not super into it. At the same time you can only develop passion when you have mastery don't you think? How will she know if she doesn't try it?

But do we have to learn everything?

And also, I don't want to spend all my money on no1 and no3 doesn't get anything. He doesn't go for classes, playgyms etc and I feel like I'm short changing him.

But he's still happy and learning lots of things, and more than 1 person has told me he talks well for his age. (Self consolation?) so maybe I should change my perspective, and value MY TIME with them as the most important of all, Rather than feel guilty they're not going for classes and LEARNING with other people.

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