Banana bread using America's Test Kitchen recipe.

The cross section. I think I was too generous with the nuts but I wanted to finish everything oops.

Cheese! A little bunny with lots of love.

In the car today. They were unusually cooperative so I took more pictures. Love the happy faces!

Didi was quite spiffily dressed in a long sleeved shirt. It's sized 12 months….I think it's for mega big babies man.

Had to entertain my two nieces as well because their mom was teaching Sunday school… they all match!

Didi: mom are you recording this down! I'm surrounded by pretty girls!!

Niece1: must get my game face on. Cheese!

Niece2: what's happening?

Lean 1

Lean 2

Lean 3. Yeah my shoulders are broad enough for you to lean on!

Yoyo better stand in front so I look bigger than the jiejies!

Hug yourself!

I saw this on my Instagram feed! So true, especially on the Queen's situation haha! She was scared to go to school tomorrow and we discussed how to best face the friend.

In the end she decided to write a letter to her (because it's better than talking f2f) and this is what she wrote,

"Dear Xx,
Why you don't want to be my friend? I want to be your friend.

Love , the Queen"

So the Husband will be the one to hand the Note over tomorrow I can't imagine the outcome!

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