Hahaha I always love this series of postcards.

Barley experiment 2.0

What I've changed- put corn/use thermal pot so that it can slowly simmer in there.

Expected outcome – sweeter barley? Hopefully no metallic taste!

Bad Carousell encounter

So anyway I've been selling stuff on Carousell to clear my house. The experience has been good so far but recently I've met this buyer who's left a bad taste in my mouth.

He made an offer to buy it, then asked if I was free to go to his shop at haji lane to pass it to him. I replied I wld do free postage and asked him to transfer the money.

9 days later, I've yet to see the cash. There are so many excuses, like not near atm, on business trip etc.

He claimed he wld get his staff to transfer but no update since then.
If he doesn't want it can't he just say it so I can sell it to the next bidder?


At art class today! I signed them up for a holiday art program because I didn't know if they would be interested. One off is pretty fun!

No2's theme was "Mickey and friends". She was so excited she wanted to wear a Minnie top. In the end she chose to draw daisy though…

Said picture.

In progress. I'm so amazed!!!

No1's! Wah they're really quite detailed leh!

The work is about 50/50; 50% is their work, 50% is the teacher's guidance. For the Queen that means they had reference pictures which they practiced before drawing on the canvas itself.

For the Princess it means the details were drawn mostly with the teacher holding their hands.

Happy with the end result! I would love to send them for weekly lessons but the art studio is really far away…

Barley is great! The corn adds a natural sweetness to the barley and I didn't even add sugar. This is definitely a keeper thanks @lynnnnn

The magic ingredient…I feel so reluctant to throw it away shall try eating heh.

Lots of fiber!

Waste not!

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