Hello there! We're wearing matching shirts want to be friends?

Super fun marble run!

Super tired. It's hard work entertaining the kids and making sure their basic needs are met. They've been watching a little more tv than usual but it saves my sanity so I'm not going to feel guilty.

I think I had more time in France because their school had longer hours and there were also holiday camps which were heavily subsidized. Here there's less support; if I want them to go outdoors I gotta bring them out and plan stuff. Then come home and cook and clean.

I've got to look long term; soon they'll be older and have their own activities and won't want to spend time with me anymore. So for this period I will just grit my teeth and tough it out!

Because what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger! (Sounds like some emo teenager talk but it's still true even now!)

Haha one of my friends posted this on his Facebook. So true!

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