Midweek! I think they've had too much fun now we're all coughing.

And my barley making skills are somewhat lacking it tastes a little metallic? So they're not too keen on drinking it. Must add more melon strips and less water…

Cooking these traditional remedies aren't my strong points but I'll work on it. Better than going to the doctor's and eating their medicine very 伤身

Went for prayer meeting tonight. Haven't been in eons because there isn't anyone doing a children's program there.

Thankfully my dad looked after the kiddos while I got to participate! It's good to listen to others and learn more about prayer requests.

I doubt I'll be able to go during term time, but once each school holidays should be doable. If I can plan activities for the kids I must plan spiritual strengtheners too!

The reason I could go – we had a pizza making play date in the afternoon so I could settle their dinner there haha!

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