Midweek hump. Feeling very lethargic today after all that fun last evening.

And this morning, when I went to the playground with didi, I noticed this step was super worn out. I wonder if kids stomp extra hard on the first step before lightly bouncing off the other, or if it's just inferior quality?

Either way this puddle of water is there everyday (because of the auto sprinklers) *cue dengue danger music*

(Random googled image. It's the speak chinese campaign, but their focus was more on LESS dialect rather than more Chinese apparently…)

Anyway, an update on no1's mandarin show and tell! Even after missing 4 days of school, on mon she went ahead with the show and tell. I really don't know how it went other than the fact the teacher told her to speak louder the next time, but there weren't any tears so it should be fine phew!

No need to score 100, just do your best and mummy's happy.

And now we have a sudden chinese test that popped out to study for next wed. No hint of it in the assessment plan given; the laoshi just sent an email to tell us that they'll be tested from units 1-5.

I have a lot of thoughts on parenting, but I need to parent so I have no time to write.

#auntymodeon can anyone identify the machine next to didi? If you can can you give me your opinions??

Thoughts about mothering

I met my ex colleagues for lunch and we had a nice time catching up. One of them is my age with 2 young children, the other is older and her kids are in uni or doing a levels.

And when (ex)teachers gather, we always talk about education hahaha. Anyway I was telling them about the Queen and her show and tell debacle, and my colleague said something super wise –

When you stay at home to look after kids, don't make your children your work

She said it more eloquently, but I remember it like this. So she had 2 friends who quit to look after their children; one had 2 kids and while the son excelled academically, the daughter wasn't very good in studies but was talented in dancing. So throughout her school years even though she was not doing well she held on to her confidence and talent and is now a professional dancer.

For the other mom, she quit to supervise her daughter during PSLE, and she got so frustrated when…

Her girl didn't get As even though the mom was supervising her. She found out later that her daughter had some learning disabilities, but the damage was done and now her daughter is this timid girl who doesn't dare to look up.

So my friend's point was that if you quit your job, don't pour your efforts and hopes on your children and expect RESULTS. It's not like a job where you have KPIs because (cliche alert) every child is different.

After all that reflecting I went ballistic on my kids because they didn't want to sleep and were sniping at each other.

Sigh work in progress.

Another thing I've been trying to grapple with is enrichment. Which is more of KEEPING UP in Sg. Did you know you can send kids as young as 6 months for gym classes? My friend says she believes that physical development is important for overall development, and I def agree, but do we need a class for that?

I don't want to be caught up in the "so and so is doing this, so I must do this too" mentality. Yet at the same time, am I short changing my kids?

I originally wanted to send no1 for gymboree, but the fees and the timings weren't to my liking (i.e. Too ex and too far). She was quite prissy about climbing etc, but I think France cured her because the break time was 1hr each day and the kids there just have so much space to run and climb.

Ok this is from the Princess' class last year. They climbed the Dune du Pyla for a school excursion. Which is so amazing for me (i puffed my way up and these teachers brought 30odd kids?!?)

Tbh, this will never happen here because a) it's too hot and b)there's rarely any physical outdoor excursion. Most are for "learning" purposes.
And even when the school has a playground, the kids don't use it much because there's no time.

There are 2 huge play structures at her current kindy, but they're only allowed to play once a week. Which is kinda sad, but totally understandable because 没有时间

So I have to bring them to play… And that's my shortcoming, because I hate going downstairs and chasing after them 😳 one is manageable, but when 2 are scooting crazily and the other one wants to do something I get so frustrated and want to herd them together.

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