It's meant to be students work to "invoke self-directed learning", but i foresee us doing more of the learning then her…

Also PE is so unphysical now.

Just went to kikki.k to buy a present for my friend. Their stuff is really overpriced…fortunately I have my birthday voucher! Had to spend it today because it's expiring today. #auntymodeon

Ion is big and nice but it just doesn't feel conducive for shopping to me. It's all the chrome and yellow lighting; I prefer vivocity because it's airy and there's the outdoor area when you need a break from the consumerism.

My latest obsession! The kids are so cute and the tips are pretty nifty!

Impromptu outing to vivocity and we finally did this happyboat thing!

Super ex…but at least we were the only ones in the water!

And actually they were quite chill and didn't ask us to get out after 10 mins; the Husband realized our time was up and got out himself. I think we could have stayed longer haha #cheapthrill

This always keeps them occupied for ages. I don't understand their attraction to it, esp when I rarely give them money for the ride. So they just sit there, turn the wheel and keep saying HELLO!

Maybe it's like how some adults love to go to car showrooms heh

Ichiban boshi for dinner! We didn't have a booth next to the conveyor belt so they had to stand and wait for their sushi!


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