Exercising makes the world feel brighter!

Their favorite activity – playground time! This playground is quite fun because it has a zip line. Which doesn't work and you have to push it, but it's perfect because our kids are too young and need it to be ssslllloooowwwee

It also has a mini swing. There are no swing sets at neighborhood playgrounds anymore. Only at parks. Do you think it's because they're worried about people suing them?

And the seesaw is this bouncy type. No big long wooden plank that makes you scream as you bounce wildly.

But aiyah they happy can already lah.

Or whatever makes them happy, in case I have impressionable kids reading this.

And good sister helps her brother to swing.

The Husband said she cried in bed yesterday, and told her grandma she didn't want to go to school. And this morning she was extra sweet and kind to everyone.

I think she must have felt sorry for being so stubborn…. We both learnt our lessons.

A picture of The Husband who was amused I kept taking pictures.

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