Went out today! Their fever is gone and no runny nose so just decided to go out for our play!

Bunny finds the right stuff.

Super mesmerized.

Bubbles, balloons, and bunnies. What's not to like?

Happy campers at the end of the show. The Husband turned to me and said, "good job!" So I think he enjoyed it too haha

After that we went to explore Pip's Playbox!

They have a OHP for the kids to do shadow play. Quite a good idea!
Oh if you have 4 playtime tickets and the FREE pip's playbox membership, you get to redeem a pip plushie for free.

Lots of little nooks and crannies with books by local authors.

Plus steps leading to…

A little space where you can look down and amuse your children!

A craft corner with activity sheets, pipe cleaners, colored rocks, glue and scissors to do stuff with.

Their current worksheet is make a bunny.

Definitely going for the next show!

Similar side profile haha

Too hungry to stay upright.

Watching the latest MOE ad now… WHY WHY WHY.

My kids repeat it all the time because it's their favorite word too.


All ready to box the eldest because she didn't want to learn her Chinese show and tell script. Told her that she can just stare blankly at her teacher and friends and get a big fat zero.

She just looked down on her paper and gave me a Sian face. I was SO MAD.

But now after I've calmed down I think I really will let her make her own decision. If she really can't be bothered I will explain to her the consequences and let her experience it.

Most of all, I need to do it in the right spirit. Why do I want her to memories the whole script? We the parents wrote it for her because she's been sick the whole week, and it really isn't her work. But at the same time, when we asked her to do it she wasn't interested and kept saying "later".

If I want her to take responsibility for her actions, I have to start with this small thing, before I'm screaming at her daily to do her work.

And she does learn her spelling and 听写 conscientiously,

So maybe she's really tired and not 100% well? Either way, me screaming and fuming won't make things better.

Once again, pray pray pray. More for my parenting. And for her to be obedient. This is only the start of formal education I can't carry her throughout…

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