I never thought I would be glad to hear the girls bickering. But I am, because it means that they're getting better!

Helping my older one with her Chinese homework….it's so difficult! They're supposed to do a show and tell next week talking about their day and I'm so out of touch with chinese I'm doing literal translations.

Eg. Watch tv = 看电视

And what exactly is kick scooter in chinese, and what is the verb for playing with it?

And and and why must they choose their favorite day?!? We don't exactly bustle with activity on our weekend and she can't write I sleep all day right?

Just received a humongous collection of books…I think I have to pass some of them on like young scientists. Anyone wants?

There's also readers digest and other magazines. I appreciate the thought but my husband doesn't haha.

I can't say no to books. It's my weakness.

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