Taught my first Chinese Sunday school class today!

Thank God there are only 5 students, and 2 belong to me so I could use the death stare haha

I asked my girls what they learnt and they only could remember Mary, Joseph and the angel in mandarin.


Oh! And we had Indian vegetarian food for lunch today. We wanted to go to fairprice xtra to get the yonanas dessert maker (39.90!) and eat at ootoya but by the time we parked we were too hungry to walk over to changi city point and so wandered around ue bizhub searching for food.

The smell of the indian food was so appetizing (other options were yumcha and some bkt) that we couldn't resist. And there were only Indians eating there, so must be legit right?

The husband was so hungry he didn't notice it was a vegetarian restaurant, and was quite sad that I told him haha! Anyway the naan was quite good and the curry was super flavorful. The prata was not bad but lacked that oomph that comes from ghee… Their mock chicken was yummy too but there was this tofu thingy that was not v tasty. Oh and they had this pickled cauliflower that was cooked in the same way as chicken which was delicious!

So yes, I'm glad we ate there…

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