My verse of the day. It's all the more relevant because I woke up this morning to make the pizza base for the Queen's lunch later, and while I was slaving over it I reflected how I rarely wake up raring to read God's word.

So first things first. #votd

Ok public service announcement. Honestbee is having 20% off when you spend $50. I took this opportunity to stock up on rice because it's heavy and I don't want to lug it on my own.

So originally I spent 50, but a lot of items were out of stock so they only got me rice and yoghurt.

In the end I only paid 17 plus and the rice is like half price!

So all round win.

Promotion is for north and south areas only, and until 29 Feb. Def worth it if you buy big ticket items which are bulky!

Pizza is done! It's very nicely shaped today because my MIL came over and helped me smooth it out.

Why does the dough magically not stick to her hands?!?

Brought this book to entertain didi while waiting for the doctor, but the batteries are flat and there's no music…rats!

So anyway I brought didi back to the doctor because his fever is still hovering around 38-39. The doctor checked his lungs and throat and everything is clear, so it's probably a viral fever.

Worst case is dengue, and if there are spots on his body or he has a flushed face gotta bring him in for blood test.

So basically I just have paracetamol to dose him and zrytec/chloramine for his nose and that's it.

Those, and prayer.

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