Last night I caught Talking Point's episode on social media, and they had this 21 year old trying to make it as a fashion blogger. Her goal was to get 3k Instagram followers in 8 weeks, as well as sponsorships from 3 shops.

She had this online DJ guy mentor her (he's some social media consultant irl) and the suggestions were to interact more and follow others.

Anyway what struck me was the behind the scenes bits. She mused about reviewing honestly vs strategically…

And also about how hard it is to gain traction, especially when real life intrudes. (She's a poly student so this experiment happened before or during her exams.)

And then there was this social media boss who scrolled through her account, and said she was shallow and not very interesting because it was just about her. (I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist of it.)

So I'm wondering, why do people want to subject themselves to this? It's like living a carefully curated life –

And having to live up to other people's expectations if you find it hard to juggle between your online persona and your real life.

And don't talk about "being real", because real life isn't so filled with talking points and pictures and traveling, holidays and fun.

Or maybe it is for some? Offhand I can think of one or two people I know who really live such a life. Maybe it's the aspirational part that draws them.

On the way to the library!

The bus driver was really interesting. The whole journey he kept repeating the phrases "Slowly go down be careful
/Have a nice day/小心慢慢来" to himself. I think he must have been practicing what he learnt during a customer service course. It was all in monotone and you could tell he was trying his best to memorize them. So kudos to SBS for trying to improve customer service!

But when didi waved bye to him he did a reluctant wave… Still need more practice!

Now Pri school also has to update parents on what the kids are up to.

Cynical me thinks it just for SEM report haha!


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