Yesterday I was window shopping (alone!) at tangs Vivo and saw this series of bags. It's made of some funny material (feels like wetsuit type?) and is very light. Their claim to fame is that it's made in Italy… Er ok.

(Edited – it's called "save my bag")

I'm in 2 minds because it's machine washable and comes in many colors, but if it's so light won't it be out of shape when I stuff all my kids' barangbarang inside?

Hahahaha I now know why the line is called "save my bag" – it's literally a bag to store your designer bag in!!

I think they were about 150 plus for the regular size. Ok sorry I have no designer bags to save only Kate spade. Which might be cheaper than this bag…

Valentina Agazzi was in Manila this week to unveil Save My Bag, a line of handbags made of a waterproof, ultra-lightweight material called poly-lycra, similar to neoprene but lighter, that’s meant to protect expensive designer purses from the elements. The durable material, which weighs less than a bottle of water, is exclusive to the brand and is washable.

Agazzi, who designs the purses, says they’re meant to slip your expensive bag into when you’re traveling, when you go to the beach, or whenever you need to have it protected from dirt or water.
Or, you can even use them on their own. They’re incredibly lightweight, they will be saving not just your bag but also your back, she said.
The material is flexible, making it easy to squeeze in under an airplane seat. It’s also very sturdy that some users stuff up to 12 kg inside, Agazzi said.

And this brand of shoes is really comfy!! They have this padding at the bottom that feels like you're walking on air. Their designs are not fantastic though. ($138 before 15% discount)

Cotton on kids shoes are quite comfy and nice! ($16.95)

The other design I was eyeing

Also got him the crocs type ($12.95)

Decided to go for quantity over quality… These are from a shop called jelly bunny. Quite ok for their price point and can wash (I think) (all 50% off so they're like $10-15)

Must record this too. We bought this on Sun from Seed. It was on sale at 14.95 and there was a further discount so it became 10.

Once again practicality wins over form because these can be rinsed. I really like those with silver/gold straps but knowing my daughters they'll be scuffed in no time.

Was tempted to get navy but girls being girls prefer the sweet pastel colors.

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