Salted egg yolk cookies! They're really cookies as in soft and crumbly…doesn't satisfy my craving leh

Went to peach garden today for a birthday party! It's very hassle free- there's a buffet line and dim sum served to your table.

Never knew Chinese restaurants catered for parties too.

Oh and there was chocolate fondue too which was v popular with my kids. Not for eating, but just to stick their fruits in and out of the fountain…

The Princess with the birthday girl. She had a meltdown after this…(my daughter, not the baby)

The Queen and her friend. This friend is a real sweetie! And super articulate.

Me with the kids. Notice how I skillfully used their heads to slim down my face hahahaha

This is the real me… Also still quite flattering because my sister in law knows how to take good photos.

Apparently the camera must be held higher so that you look up. 要多多学习。

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