Monday week 3. The excitement of the new year is slowly fading away and I'm now coping day to day. This week will mark the start of enrichment for no2 and spelling/听写 for no1. Need to find our groove so that we're not firefighting the night before!

Sitting next to my daughter doing her homework is a lesson in patience. For some reason she doesn't know where to place the sharps, flats and naturals even though I explained a hundred times. I'm just a volcano waiting to erupt.

Sometimes I don't know why I even bother sending her for piano. Is it something I want or something she wants? I know why I want her to do it, and she seems to like playing Mary had a little lamb, but is that enough?

Typing in the dark now…looks like I spoke too soon no1 seems to be coming down with a cold and she'll miss her first tingxie!!! So sad.

I think it's hard not to be a tiger mom in Sg. For all the talk about unstructured play and being happy I still want her to score 100%. Think it's the teacher genes? But if I believe she can do it then it's ok right? And if I provide her with the support (i.e. Sit next to her) then it should be doable.

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