Eeks! Didi had a fever last night and this afternoon there are red spots on his tummy and arms. I don't think it's hfmd, and it can't be the roseola cos he's still feverish.

It's likely to be chickenpox *jeng jeng jeng* and I'm not sure how we'll handle that plus sending the 2 girls to school.


My mom is scaring me and asking me if didi has dengue…so many different type of diseases which have the symptoms of red spots.

Hmm now I can't decide which is worse? Probably dengue because that means the girls are at risk.!

Spots on the front…

Spots on the back…

Taking his own temperature!

My MIL came home and said it wasn't chickenpox because his cousins also had fever and broke out with the same red spots. I shall believe her!!!!

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