It's Friday!!! I can see the end in sight and soon we'll finish for the week!!!

A few quick thoughts –

1. My baby is grown up! And enjoying school so much! I think it helps that there's no home work so far…

2. It's better when they're at school. Like seriously better.

3. I can cook in (relative) peace! Only 1 child to kachiao me for lunch, then dinner prep can be done chop chop while no 2 is at school and no1 is eating and no3 is napping.

4. I need to be more productive during the morning! Must do more "educational" stuff instead of just letting no2 color. Although it's something she chose herself and she's into rainbow coloring right now.

5. What to do with didi?!?!?

@juliamoh this is the book which had the chinese explanations! You can find it under the local Sg collection J SING LAI



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