And I really did it…

Used a recipe taken off Only quibble I have is why can't they use the metric system already? Cups are so subjective and I had to keep googling for the different weights.

It was the only recipe that I could use my (expired!) vanilla yoghurt in that's why I chose it.

But ok it's quite tasty. Anything with chocolate is good for me.

Freedom is taking the Mrt train alone and running errands without having to say "hurry up! Hold hands! Quick!" Countless times!

Right after I typed my freedom quote, a lady came on the mrt train with…SIX children. 3 boys and 3 girls. The oldest boy looked like he was in his late teens, and the youngest girl was still in a stroller, probably 3 or 4 years old.
I was sitting next to the priority seat so I offered to give it up to her kids but she politely declined. She looked quite calm and not the least frazzled, and her children were ok, talking happily with each other.

My momentous task of taking 3 kids out by public transport would probably be something she could do blindfolded with 1 hand tied behind her back…

So really, everything is relative. And I hope when my children are older they'll be as well behaved!!

Such a smart book! The same curve can be either a smile or a frown!

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