I love giveaways so I'll participate in the #myfavouritethings one by @lynnnnn too!

Ok first up is this pizza. I'm not a fan of pizza, but the Queen is and anything that's quick and easy to prepare is no1 on my list!
This pizza may look ugly but it's made with lots of love – my MIL's love. Because her grand daughter likes pizza, she specially scoured youtube for pizza dough recipes, made a large batch of dough and froze it separately so i could make pizza for her precious grand daughter!

2nd favorite thing is – online shopping! With 3 kids, going to the shops and slowly browsing is NOT an option. It's always #hitandrun style – plan your list, hit the shop to pick it up and then run out before the kids create a ruckus.

So yes, online shopping is good. Although for my case it's more like online browsing…because I always forget to click when there's a good deal 😓

Ok last favorite thing – my kiddos*!

* when they're quiet, loving and sitting still.

Which is like once in a blue moon, or when the TV is on haha!

Hmm…I've heard of soap made out of breastmilk, brushes out of baby's hair and pills from placenta (eek?), but breastmilk jewelry truly is a first!

The sky's the limit now!

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