My heart is beating super fast because of the taobao sale hahaha

Brining chicken breasts because I want to have flavor without the excess calories. (And also to use up the extra thyme which keeps surprisingly well in the fridge!)

Cooking bacon too…going strong in meat man

This was my ideal…

In reality I was more of a disaster in the kitchen! The chicken breast was a tad too overcooked. I guess I was too kiasee with the flame and my medium high heat probably was high. It was tasty though so I think the brining helped!

The bacon was a bit chaotah but the water definitely minimized the oil splatters. It was meant for carbonara but my pasta was super undercooked!!! Whole grain pasta is too healthy. And tough.

My brother said,

This is the worst carbonara ever.

After taking a mouthful I had to agree with him…so no more whole grain pasta if I want to eat carbs I should just do it and eat the good stuff!!

Fortunately the girls wanted tomato sauce so their macaroni was much better and finished in record time.

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